Custom wood creations include, but are not limited to; pergolas, ground decks, garden boxes, flower boxes, sheds and more.

  • Sheds can be created to be a reading room, an open swing bar and social area, a "he" or "she" shed, an office, a playroom or just a plain and basic storage shed. They are built in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • Pergolas can be made in a variety of sizes and appearances and can be located anywhere in ones garden, above a deck or attached to ones home. They can provide privacy and allow for beautiful growth of lush vines and flowers. 

  • Ground decks can give a peaceful appearance to a yard and garden. They can provide a wonderful social platform or ones reading spot and can be designed and built anywhere to accomodate ones garden and landscape.

  • Garden structures can be made to be in ground or built to be moved around when one keeps changing or updating their garden.

  • Flower boxes/Shutters are built in a variety of forms and are a beautiful, final touch, to many homes. The wooden element and lush growth of flowers that they allow goes stunningly in front of the limewash. 

  • Adirondack Chairs are designed and built in a variety of ways and are stained or painted to customers request. 

  • Wooden Christmas trees, cookbook holders and other wooden craft items that can be painted with artistic calligraphy and pictures. 

Custom shed/bar, pergola on deck.

A custom shed with a pergola built on a deck. It has a side window on the river side, an electric lock on the back door entrance and the front window swings open for a bar. Wood and masonry combined, compliments its river and woodsy surroundings.

Pool deck

Deck sits above the pool rim.

Pool deck & Pergola

Deck around pool with covered pergola and bar. Black iron balusters with wooden top/bottom rails. Black bamboo and cedar were incorporated for the pergola siding and bar wrap.

ground deck
Custom Adirondack chairs - unstained/pai

A pergola with a front lattice for privacy on the busy road and for vines and other plants to climb, giving more privacy yet.

Cedar ceiling
Back deck
Back porch
Pergola on pool deck

Cedar wrapped and tile bar surrounded by black bamboo and cedar siding. A covered pergola where you can sit under during the rain.

Cedar pergola

A cedar pergola with a lattice top for extra shade and to allow vines and other plants to start covering and blooming on it.

Pergola for hot tub being put in underneath
Ground deck

A ground deck built in two different directions. In the corner, a plot for a garden to grow and once filled in, will give a soft touch to the edges.


Shiplap goes well in the sheds or ones home. Shiplap alongside a limewashed wall, or in the same room, can be a gorgeous look.


A simple pergola to sit under.

Corner pergola

A corner pergola.

Lattice top

Lattice top for a pergola.

Pool deck

Deck under the pool rim and with black balusters and wood top and bottom rails.

Stair rail
Cedar flower boxes

At the homeowners request, I built some very simple but attractive cedar flower boxes.

Back deck

Back deck built with some masonry and plants.

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