We're your pro lime washers and are on the pro-list for ROMABIO, a paint and lime wash company who makes their lime-wash straight from Italy and of which comes in several different colors. We apply it to all masonry structures and transform them with age-less beauty. Limewash is gorgeous on; brick homes, brick office buildings, chimneys, fireplaces, interior brick walls, brick gardenways and more.

The combination of old aged lime-wash and our custom wooden creations (decks, pergolas, garden structures, etc) creates such an intriguing look, giving elements of an; Old World Charm. It transforms not just your home but the entire landscape that it sits in. 

Lime wash is organic, so it doesn't hurt gardens or lawns, it is harmless to the touch and best of all, it has no fumes to inhale. And because the lime starts to soak into the organic mineral of your brick, it doesn't chip or brush off like paint or mortar will often do. Over time, the lime wash becomes more and more part of your brick, making it ever so more beautiful as the years go by.

For limewashing, we drive several hours out from our base in Grand Rapids, MI. 

  • Grand Rapids

  • Detroit

  • Traverse City

  • Cadillac

  • Ludington

  • Petoskey

  • Charlavoix

  • Saugatuck

  • Ann Arbor

  • Kalamazoo

  • Holland

  • out of state: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Rochester, Buffalo NY

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